Which is Better IPL or Laser Treatment?

Does the IPL laser hair removal work comparing to laser? Yes it absolutely will work and, in fact, IPL is the best providing your hair is dark and thick, and comparing the skin. Skin has to be light. So if you are up to skin type 3 and you have dark, thick hair, IPL is actually the best hair removal method where we can safely use high setting and achieve you the most desired results. However, if the IPL is used on darker skin types such as anything from skin type 4, where is Meditarranian, Asian or even African Caribbean, in order for it to be very safe for the client’s skin, the therapist has to reduce the setting dramatically and that will affect your results. So it’s not actually the technology itself, it’s just when you select the skin type poorly. If you use it again on lighter skins, it’s honestly the best technology you can think of, is IPL. At our clinic we are prepared to treat multiple skin types. So if you have a lighter skin type, we will advise that you opt for IPL. However, if you have a darker skin type, we will advise you to go for either Alexandrite or diode laser. So if you want any laser hair removal, whether it’s IPL, Alexandrite or diode, send us a DM now.